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Seanchote Electric Instrument co.ltd. established in 2009, 
with Sales and Service ,marketing of a full line Instrument , equipments, Electric and solutions project
Management system in Thailand for Industrial. Use Product Guide for Energy , Petrochemical, Smiconductor, 
Steel Mill, non-metal, Food, and gas-detection products Phrmaceutical and Tunnel Construction Lab. 
We SEI. Have professional and technology the exacttechnical service and Designing project to customer’s
Need company will to fully step to go to in front of with the will to s will participate in in economy of Thailand
development s give , progress increasingly ,by have faction staff fully to procure efficiency equipment and tall safety for 
the procedure produces your to the orderliness , fully to give advices in all your project and a company still have the network
Will reserve to keep completely fully to will meet and the demandthe demand your in every a chance,your in every a chance,
SEI. Welcome

bing leader presents products innovation that is of good quality price standard
that is appropriate and straight follow the requirement of a customer
bing leader presents products innovation that is of good quality price standard that is appropriate and 
straight follow the requirement of a customer together with bing leader serve great excellent side include 
building contentment topmost will exceed the expectation gives with a customer , and business allies

-building organization succeed permanently by strategy lead , and new tool comes in to support sale side , 
and the serve and the organization
- build the difference , and the strength better the competitor , by the clinging ( to ) in the quality , 
Technology , period of deliverring time , and back sale serve , which , 
-building contentment topmost to a customer , business allies by equally
-insist in the promise , customer , that , must receive the thing at , better , 
noisy compare with the rival , and the good more than the handle has must , be not only the feeling
- the focusing for step to laboratory standard s test to compare with , ISO/IEC 17025 , 
testing framework compares with Gas Detectors , which ,
very stay in laboratory group tests to compare with first company in Thailand